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COPE Consultancy Services

The principle objective of COPE is to enhance capacity of Africa’s national Phytosanitary systems to protect national agriculture and increase African countries’ ability to compete in international markets by meeting market requirements. COPE offers various consultancy services across a diversified spectrum under phytosanitary system undertaken by a pool of experts. The consultancy services are tailor-made in collaboration with the requesting institutions. Some of the consultancy services offered include the following:
  • Specialised external training where COPE sends experts to regional countries.
  • Specialised expert work in country where COPE sends out experts to conduct an activity such as audit of phytosanitary system, seed certification system, variety testing system, seed testing system for purpose of their establishment or improvement.
  • Study tours in Kenya

COPE can offer training programmes in the form of seminars, workshops and phytosanitary system site audits. It also offers training programmes to exporters to enable them meet market requirements.
COPE can assist NPPOs and RPPOs with SPS awareness. In addition, COPE can help with the understanding of SPS market access requirements when exporting or importing plant commodities.
Cope Curriculum
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